Sandburg “Pink’s Out” to Support Breast Cancer

Every year at Carl Sandburg middle school we have our annual pink out day to raise awareness for breast cancer. During the pink out, the students dress in all pink to show their support. October 19, 2018 was a proud day for students and staff to see everyone come together, showing their school spirit, community support and all around positivity to wear pink and join the fight against breast cancer. Hopefully, raising awareness by wearing pink and participating in our pink out day, we can all help end the fight against breast cancer.

Students collect candy for troops!

For the past 3 years at Sandburg, Mrs. Bethke and the 6th grade team have collected candy to send to our troops all over the world.  The candy will help some of the troops that don’t get to spend Halloween with family and friends. In all, the 6th grade team raised 90.2 pounds of candy to go to the troops this year, breaking last year’s record of 75.6 pounds. Students and teachers here at Sandburg would like to say thanks to our troops all over the world for serving.

Hoops 4 Heart

Here at Carl Sandburg Middle School on October 31st, 2017 we hosted an annual Hoops for Heart event to support The American Heart Association. Heart disease is now the number one killer of both men and women. This year 204 6th graders at Carl Sandburg Middle School participated in the event and raised over $500 towards the American Heart Association. Carl Sandburg is very proud to participate and donate towards such an important cause.

I Believe

In lieu of recent events in our community, Sandburg’s concert choir has come together to pay tribute to a song that originated during the Holocaust. This poem was found in a cellar in Germany that was known to be a hiding place during WWII. This tribute serves as a reminder to ourselves and others to always spread kindness. May love always overcome hate.

Tower of Power 2018

Tower of Power is a problem-solving skills based activity, where students join in teams to compete against one another. Students are encouraged to make group themes as there is a costume “theme” element to the overall competition. This year, the students were asked to build the highest freestanding structure they could that was able to support a tennis ball on a small paper plate, in only one hour. The teachers gave each student a bag filled with candy and other coupons to support local businesses in the community, as well as plenty of opportunities for raffle prizes and of course, the overall competition prizes.

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